Casa is the key to a smooth residential experience.

The Casa app is designed with the resident in mind. Home repair and troubleshooting is easy with Casa. If something in the home isn't working right or needs to be repaired, simply start the process by inputting the issue. From there the tested Casa process ensures a successful resolution with verified technicians and expert help and experience.

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What we do?

Casa takes over every part of the residential process to ensure that your residence is managed properly. From managing repairs, general troubleshooting (how do I use the oven?) and paying rent; Casa has you covered.

manage and Repairs

Quickly manage repairs

We unlock the power to mange your repair tickets from begining to end. You can quickly manage create and manage repairs from your phone.

pay rent online

Pay rent online

Paying rent is now simple, choose to pay every month or set up recurring payments so that you never miss a payment.

Expert Diagnosis

Expert Diognosic

When creating a repair ticket you will schedule a live video call with one of our qulaified experts to troubleshoot and dignonse the issue.

Repairman, Tracking

Repairman Tracking

When a repairperson is on the way you can see live tracking and realtime notifications.

How it works!

resident app works

When an issue arises in your home, create a ticket request using our easy and straightforward process.

renter meeting screen

Meet with a live expert to review and diognose the problem. Now that expert is clear on the issue and how to solve it a repairperson will be dispached.

ranter traveling screen

Track repairperson when the repairperson is on the way and give feedback once work is completed. If any issue arises you can escalate the issue and our support team will assist.

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Casa works with you and your landlord to ensure that your home is allways maintained to the highest level of quality.

We ensure that every freelancer has a comprehensive background check and live video of the freelancer is available to see during the repair for your security. This is made possible by our CASA cam a mandatory accessory for any freelancer in the CASA marketplace.

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